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Microfocus Quality Center/ ALM is a web-based test management tool that provides the methodology, structure, organization, and documentation for all phases of the application testing process. It Serves as a central repository for all your testing assets and provides a clear foundation for the entire testing process. It establishes seamless integration and smooth information flow from one stage of the testing process to the next. It supports the analysis of test data and coverage statistics, to provide a clear picture of an application’s accuracy and quality at each point in its life cycle. Because it is completely web-enabled, it supports communication and collaboration among distributed testing teams.

Quality Center 11.0

Quality Center – Introduction

  • Need of Test-Management Tool
  • Module (TestDirector Project, Site Administration, Customization)]
  • Domain/Project Fundamentals
  • How to Get Started

Site Administration

  • Creating Domain/project
  • Adding users to project
  • Creating Groups


  • Modify user properties
  • Modify User Group settings
  • Add New Entities

Release and Cycle creation

  • Creating New release
  • Creating New cycles

Test Requirements

  • Example of a test requirement
  • Importance of tracing and tracking requirements
  • Reviewing and building a
  • requirements structure
  • Entering requirements manually

Test Cases Creation and management

  • Review of an existing test case
  • Parameters
  • Building a test case structure
  • Creating manual test cases
  • Requirements coverage

Test Sets and Test Execution

  • Creating folders and test sets
  • Defining test execution flow
  • Setting test set properties
  • Manual test execution
  • Logging defects during  manual testing
  • Automated test execution
  • Adding test hosts
  • Running a test set
  • Setting run times

Defect Tracking

  • Reporting defects
  • Searching for similar defects
  • Using grid filters
  • Deleting defects

Reporting and Analysis

  • Analysis menu graphs and reports
  • Creating editable reports with the advanced Reporting

Q: When are the courses held?
A: The courses are scheduled monthly throughout the year.

Q: What do I take away from the course?
A: As well as the skills to use the product, you also receive a comprehensive workbook and a certificate of attendance.

Q: Do I get a course manual to keep?
A: Yes, you receive a comprehensive workbook.

Q: Where are the classroom training courses held?
A: The courses are all held in Parramatta, Sydney.

Q: Is the training practical or theory based?
A: Both. All of our course combine practical demonstrations and theory. You will have a sole use of a laptop throughout the course and can practice what you have learnt at the end of each chapter.

Q: Do I need to bring a laptop?
A: Yes, it is required to help you start from scratch on your own machine.

Q: Is there an exam?
A: You do not sit an exam at the end of the course.

Q: What qualification will I get?
A: You will receive a certificate of attendance.

Q: Do I need any previous practical experience?
A: This depends on the course you choose to take. All of our Introductory and Complete courses require no prior knowledge. If you are considering attending an Advanced course, but have not sat the basic course, then you will be expected to have relevant practical experience in the tool.

Q: Do you offer on-site training?
A: Yes, all of our courses can be delivered as on-site courses. We provide all laptops, projector, workbooks and certificates. We can also deliver on-line training just for your company with a schedule to suit you.

Q: Do you offer post course support?
A: Yes, in two ways; firstly, all our trainers can help with initial queries you may have when using the tools post-course via email. Secondly we also provide short-term on-site internship.