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The ISTQB accredited course provides the essential ideas, processes, tools and skills needed to set you on a path for true testing professionalism. The course reveals the methodology behind this successful testing program.

After this course you will be able to:
structure and control your own test activities
apply efficient test techniques and effective test strategies
articulate the necessity of your test activities
rely on the test methodology learnt
be confident you are doing the right things as a tester
obtain your ISTQB Foundation certificate

Module 1 – Testing Fundamentals
Error and bug terminology
Testing terms
The Psychology of testing
General Principal of testing
Test Planning and Control
Test Analysis and design
Test Implementation and execution
Evaluation of Test Exit criterion
Test closure activities
Quiz 15 min

Module 2 – Testing through Software Lifecycle
Component testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Acceptance Test
Generic type of testing
Quiz 15 min

Module 3 - Static Techniques

• Examination of Test groups 
Roles and Responsibilities in a Test Group
Reviews and Type of Reviews
Static Analysis
Basics Static Analysis
Data Flow analysis
Control Flow analysis
Quiz 15 min

Module 4 – Test Design Techniques

•Black Box Testing Techniques
•Equivalence Class Partitioning
Boundary value analysis
State Transition testing
Cause Effect graphing
Use Case Testing
White Box Analysis
Statement coverage
Branch Coverage
Test of condition
Path Coverage
Quiz 15 min

Module 5 - Test Tools

Type of test tools
Tools for test management and control
Tools for test specifications
Tools for static and dynamic testing
Tools for Non Functional tests
Selection and Introduction of test tools
Quiz 15 min

Module 6 - Test Management

• Test Organization
Test Planning
Cost and Economy Aspect
Definition of Test Strategy
Test Activity Management
Incident Management
Requirements for Configuration management
Quiz 15 min
Mock 1 hour

Q: Do I need to be from technical background to do this course?
A: Working knowledge of internet and Microsoft packages (Word, Excel) is enough for learning testing.

Q: Is PMTP & ISTQB same? 
A: PMTP is a practical and specialised software testing course whereas ISTQB is a theoretical software testing knowledge base course.   

Q: Which jobs can I apply after doing ISTQB? 
A: You can apply for Jr. Test Analyst and Test Analyst roles.  

Q: Do you support with job placements?
A: We prepare you for the interview preparations and share our internal & External job posting with you directly to reduce your round of interviews.