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The Mobile App Development course is an entry-level iPhone/iOS development training, which will provide you with the skills required to develop your own iPhone App. Participants will learn the process of designing and building a mobile web application from scratch. This course will look at what one should consider when designing in a mobile context.

Course Objective

  • To create full-fledged iOS Applications
  • To understand the core concepts of iOS Programming
  • To understand the features and specifications of Xcode
  • To master Objective C
  • To work on commercial and freelance projects on iOS

Unit 1 – Introduction to iOS and Objective C

  • Course Introduction
  • Xcode Installation
  • Creating the first Application
  • The Xcode Interface
  • Data Types in Objective C
  • Introduction to OOPS
  • Objective C Types and Classes
  • Classes and Objects
  • Properties in Objective C
  • Overriding Init
  • Strong and Weak Properties

Unit 2 -iOS Views and Objective C Concepts

  • MVC and Application Structure
  • Single View Template
  • Empty Template in iOS
  • Properties, Action Methods and Controls
  • Introduction to pLists
  • Introduction to NSArray
  • Introduction to NSMutable Arrays
  • UIPicker View
  • UIPickerView with Mutable Array
  • Saving and Loading with Plists

Unit 3 – TargetAction and Delegation in iOS
-Understanding Target Action

  • Target-Action Controls in IB
  • Controls using Code
  • Delegation in iOS
  • Delegation Demo

Unit 4 – Controllers, Storyboards and Advance Objective C 

  • Introduction to Storyboards
  • A working example for storyboard
  • The Unwind Segue
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Navigation Controller and Story Boards
  • Navigation Controllers and Xib Files
  • Categories and Extensions in Objective C
  • Categories – Live Demo
  • Extensions – Live Demo

Unit 5 – Table Views and TabBar Controllers

  • Introduction to Table Views
  • Implementing Table Views – Story Boards
  • Implementing an App using Table Views
  • Tab Bar Controller and App Organization
  • Tab Bar Controller Demo

Unit 6 – Building an iOS Project – The Initial Steps

  • Introduction to Project
  • Project Demo 1
  • Updating the Project Model
  • Correction to the Model
  • Deleting Part of the Catalog
  • Assembly Class

Unit 7 – Organizing View Controllers in an App

  • View Controllers for our App
  • Parts Room App View Controllers
  • Displaying the Parts Catalogue
  • Deleting Part of the Catalog
  • Assembly Class

Unit 8 – SQLite in iOS

  • Introduction to SQLite
  • Creating a Sqlite Database
  • Connection and Query Testing
  • Inner Joins

Unit 9 – Multimedia in iOS

  • Introduction to Audio, Video and Camera
  • Audio Demo
  • Camera and Video Demo
  • Project Concepts

Unit 10 – Integrating Our Project

  • Database Replacement
  • Showing the new DB schema
  • UI Drawing
  • Project UI

Unit 11 – Project Completion

  • Tying together the constituents
  • Final Interface
  • Project Discussion
  • The Final Code

Unit 12 – App Store and Best Practices

  • Course Summary
  • Best Practices for App Development
  • Deploying an App on the App Store: Where to find the info you need

Q: When are the courses held?
A: The courses are scheduled monthly throughout the year.

Q: What do I take away from the course?
A: As well as the skills to use the product, you also receive a comprehensive workbook and a certificate of attendance.

Q: Do I get a course manual to keep?
A: Yes, you receive a comprehensive workbook.

Q: Where are the classroom training courses held?
A: The courses are all held in Parramatta, Sydney.

Q: Is the training practical or theory based?
A: Both. All of our course combine practical demonstrations and theory. You will have a sole use of a laptop throughout the course and can practice what you have learnt at the end of each chapter.

Q: Do I need to bring a laptop?
A: Yes, it is required to help you start from scratch on your own machine.

Q: What qualification will I get?
A: You will receive a certificate of attendance.

Q: Do I need any previous practical experience?
A: This depends on the course you choose to take. All of our Introductory and Complete courses require no prior knowledge. If you are considering attending an Advanced course, but have not sat the basic course, then you will be expected to have relevant practical experience in the tool.

Q: Do you offer on-site training?
A: Yes, all of our courses can be delivered as on-site courses. We provide all laptops, projector, workbooks and certificates. We can also deliver on-line training just for your company with a schedule to suit you.