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Manish Puri
Adactin People Sital Parsad Test Analyst
Kanad Kashyap


"A good platform to showcase and build your skills. The training program is complete and gives you hands-on experience on projects. Friendly staff and management who are easily approachable and makes you feel comfortable from day one. Overall a friendly atmosphere where you are encouraged to try and learn new skills every day."

Pavithra S.


"It’s been a great experience of joining Adactin team. Great collaboration. Very supportive team. Knowledgeable and dedicated mentors. Adactin brings out an innovative vibe encouraging everyone to explore and learn new things every day!"

Phoebe N.


"Adactin has given me a chance to get back into my career by providing excellent training and practical experience. It has even extended my tenure to work with the company by recognizing all the hard work I have did, which is overwhelming and boosts the morale of any person. Thanks to everyone who helped me a lot."

Anupama A.


"Adactin is a good place to work, learn and grow. Great learning experience. It’s a great company for people who are looking for a good Work-life balance. The L&D manager always there to guide and motivate us and her feedback on performance during the placement session was extremely helpful to understand and improve ourselves. Overall great opportunity to build your career."

Ilamathi I.


"It is a great place to learn and enhance skills. Management is supportive and helpful. Workshops are nice."

Jaspreet Sood


“It was a great opportunity to work with the whole Adactin Team. I learnt how to write Test Cases, Create Defect Reports, Create Test Execution Reports, Test plan Documents and Learnt Working in Soap UI and Postman. All Adactin members were supportive and helpful during the Traineeship Program.”

 Saranya Vinoth