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Support and Maintenance

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    Get the maintenance and on- demand support for all your applications with our Adactin software support and maintenance services. We provide software maintenance and support services for all products we develop, all solutions we integrate for our clients and for the third-party custom software. These services are crucial for addressing issues, enhancing features and adapting the software to changes in the operating environment. 

    At Adactin we support and maintain 

    •    Web App
    •    Mobile App 
    •    Database App 
    •    Cloud/Saas App 
    •    Desktop App 

    These functions ensure that IT infrastructure, hardware, software, and networks operate smoothly, efficiently, and securely, meeting the needs of the organisation and its users. Here’s an overview of IT support and maintenance. It’s ongoing process or phase of SDLC. Key aspects are as below 


    Bug Fixing : Fix issues raised by business users. 

    Enhancements: Changes suggested to improve the functionalities. 

    User Training and knowledge sharing 

    Customer Support 

    User Support 


    Data Backup and Recovery: Routine data backups to protect against data loss due to hardware failure, data corruption, or other issues. It also involves creating and testing data recovery procedures. 

    Software Updates: Regularly updating software and operating systems is crucial for security and functionality. Maintenance includes installing patches, updates, and upgrades to keep software current. 

    Performance Maintenance: Monitor the performance of IT systems and networks can help identify potential issues and ensure optimal performance. 

    License Management: manage software licenses to ensure compliance with legal requirements and optimise software costs. 

    Our expert software professionals have diverse skills, are passionate about their job and carry over a decade of industry experience. Get effective long-term maintenance and real-time support services for all your software requirements from us.