Why software testing as a career?

The software testing industry is growing like never before. With the world moving towards digital-first, we have seen more software, application and websites being developed. So, it’s not surprising that the need for testing has increased along with career options and growth. More and more people want to become a tester and move into the IT space. There are some questions and myths which arise when choosing software testing as a career:

· Is software testing a good career choice? Does it have a future?

· Do testers get a decent salary?

· Which job is better, software testing or software development?

There are myths in the industry on whether to choose testing as a career:

1. Anyone can test. Development is better than testing.

2. Software testing pays less compared to a developer. 

3. Only people who can’t code choose testing as a career.

4. There won’t be any growth in software testing.

5. Software testing is boring.

Gone are those days!!

The points below debunk all these myths. Are you confused about whether to choose software testing? Then keep reading. If these points strengthen your decision to pursue testing, then that proves you’ve chosen the right path.

1. Not everyone can test. One needs good analytical skills to become a software tester. You require efficient communication skills for reporting and to convince others.

2. Experienced testers are earning the same compared to developers. Your salary may be less when you start your career but grows as your experience grows. Many companies are offering more to automation testers compared to developers.

3. Someone who can’t code becomes a tester. Record and playback days are gone. It’s the automation age. An automation tester writes code for automation scripts.

4. Growth – Testers may become Test Leads, Project Leads, Automation Architects, Test Managers, etc. Ultimately, everyone can reach the management level.

5. Software testing could actually “test” your nerves since you need to make sense of Business Requirements and draft test cases based on your understanding. Software testing is not boring. What’s boring is doing the same set of tasks repeatedly. The key is to try new things.

Hopefully, we have cleared up some questions you may have and debunked some myths about the testing industry. Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more or how to get started. 

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