Terms and conditions for the Promotional Gift Campaign.
Please see below for the key conditions:

  1. The promotional gift offer is valid from 17th December 2020 until January 31th 2021 on all training programs and referrals.
  2. To redeem this promotional gift offer, the customer must complete payment of the entire course amount in one transaction and the complete payment needs to be processed/approved before the promotional gift is sent out ( The completion of the payment and processing will be validated by our finance team).
  3. For each purchase of a course, the customer may have a choice of any available gift on offer in the promotion, subject to stock availability at the purchase time. Some products are available with specific courses only. ( The promotional gift offering/choice/colour or version may change due to the availability of the item at the date of competition of payment and may change at any time without notice).
  4. There are 3 options for the customer to receive a promotional gift.
    a) The promotional gift may be sent out & delivered via mailing service - this may take between 1-4 weeks of your purchase date (A tracking number will be provided). If you do not receive your gift within 4 weeks, please contact Adactin via info@adactin.com or call 0469 360 403
    b) The customer can opt to collect the gift from a local supplier that will be pre-purchased for them by Adactin.
    c) The promotional product may be collected from the Adactin Office only via agreed-upon time and date.
  5. Adactin is not liable for any postal delays. Adactin may use a courier company to limit these risks and will supply a tracking code.
  6. Adactin is not liable for any product damages/issues. All products will be purchased from a reputable company i.e. JB HI-FI, Office Works, Harvey Norman etc. Any damage/ faults or issues will be the responsibility of the company from which the product was purchased and the customer has the responsibility to bring this to that companies attention.
  7. Adactin holds the right to use any information provided by customers for any marketing activities. All information provided will be kept by Adactin and only for Adactin use.
  8. Once complete payment is final/ verified and the promotional product is purchased and/or sent by Adactin, there will be no refunds. Cancellation of the training program must be within 24 hours of purchase or before final payment.
  9. Referral programs promotional gift Terms:
    The selection and offerings of the promotional gift via referral will only occur when the following criteria is met.
    a) An existing customer has referred a new customer to a training program
    b) The new customer has followed through to complete the full payment/ transaction stated in above point no2.
    c) The new customer nominates/ names the existing customer that they have been referred by.
    d) If the above points have been met, Adactin will contact and notify the existing customer that they are eligible for the promotional product promotion.
    e) For product delivery please refer to no 4.
    f)  For product damage/ faults or issues please refer to no 6.
    g) For product delays please refer to no 5.
  10. Adactin has the right to cancel any purchase/training program/payment/ gift for the promotional product or refer program at any time.
  11. For further information, any issues or to discuss any of our terms and conditions, please call Adactin Academy on 0469 360 403 or email training@adactin.com.