HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is the first book globally on HP UFT, latest version of HP test automation tool Quick Test Professional. This new UFT version is combination of HP QTP and HP Service Test, two separate products earlier from HP.

Key audience for this book are functional testers and beginner test engineers who want to learn UFT quickly and want to learn it the right way which will help them create effective automation framework.

This book has been designed with the objective of simplicity and ease of understanding.
This book follows a unique training based approach instead of regular text book approach. As a step by step guide, it guides the student with every step on how to complete exercises with help of snapshots.

Another major highlight of this book is that we are using our custom developed web based application instead of default HP sample Flight Reservation application.

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Sample UFT Automation scripts – These scripts simulate the exercises used in book, Test Automation using Unified Functional Testing

Test Automation Using UFT: Click here to download

What is Unified Functional Testing (UFT)?

HP UFT 11.5 is the latest version of HP QTP. Previous version of QuickTest Professional was QTP 11.0. Its name has been changed to UFT since it is a combination of two of HP products, HP QuickTest Professional and HP Service Test. All previous version of HP QTP are available in HP UFT.

Should I learn on latest version of QTP (UFT11.5) or older version (QTP11.0)?

Most of the organizations using QTP are moving to latest version UFT11.5. Moreover, if you try to download trial version of QTP from HP site, you will get UFT 11.5. So it makes sense to learn on latest product which is going to be used by all organizations in future.

Which application has been used to teach features of QTP? Is the sample flight reservation application that comes with QTP?

We understand that most of real applications are web based application. Here we have developed and used a custom web based application for learning QTP. As a corporate trainer, every time I used to go and deliver QTP/UFT training with the standard desktop based flight reservation application (that comes by default with HP QTP/UFT), participants wanted to use something, which is different, preferably a web-based application, which is what most of them would eventually work on in the real world. They wanted an application, which had more features and test scenarios that could be automated. As part of this book, we have developed a web-based application, which has much more enhanced test scenarios, and will bring you very close to real-time automation.

Where can I buy this book?

There are different buying options for this book. Visit our Buy section/tab to see possible buying options.

Is this book for basic QTP users?

Yes, this book is meant for beginners in QTP users. No previous knowledge on automation tools is expected. A unique step by step approach is followed to assist QTP beginners in learning.

Is this book for advanced QTP users?

Yes, this book also covers advanced QTP topics such as working with external files, recovery scenarios, integration with Quality Center and automation frameworks. This book covers both basic and advanced concepts and will help you successfully get on path of automation in your current working environments.

Which versions of QTP does this book cover?

This book cover latest version of QTP which is called UFT 11.5 Unified Functional Testing). There are references included to previous version of QTP, version 11.0 in the book. There has been UI enhancements in latest version of UFT 11.5 due to which quite a few menu options have been moved around. But all key features in QTP11.0 are also available in UFT11.5. If you learn on UFT11.5, going back and using QTP 11.0 should not be difficult.

Why this book does not cover HP Service Test features in UFT?

HP Service test is used for API testing. This book is focussed on GUI testing which is possible through traditional QTP features. HP Service Test features are out of scope for this book.

Why should I buy this book?

Test Automation using HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), is the first book released globally on HP UFT, which is the latest version of the HP test automation tool, Quick Test Professional.

This book has been designed with the objectives of simplicity and ease of understanding. It covers all basic to advanced QTP features.

You will be using our custom developed web based application instead of default non-web applications.

As a step by step guide, this book gives detailed steps to understand features which can be referred again in future for revision.

With my experience as a consultant I have tried to include lot of practical examples and issues, which I and most of automation testers see in day to day automation.

Intent of this book is to give you a kick-start on effective automation using HP QTP on your real projects.

What is the link of Sample Application used for the book?


How can I provide feedback for this book?

You can always provide your feedback by sending email to navneesh.garg@adactin.com.