Testing that Delivers Business Value

Adactin understands your critical business applications. To ensure the desired performance and scalability levels of your application we implement the best non-functional testing strategies tailored to your application requisites, budget, and functional scope. In the development of various test scripts, the configuration for user activity analysis, and system monitoring tests (keeping track of application stability and faults), we deploy only the highest standard of services, technologies, and tools.

Adactin Non-Functional Testing for Application Behaviour and Security

We implement an effective methodology to predict the behaviour of your software, especially its performance under critical and high-load conditions. In this modelling, we are interested in the protection of your crucial data and the confidentiality of the publishable information. Naturally, these are key concerns across your cloud, mobility, social computing, and web applications. Being a recognised security testing company in the industry, we provide stringent testing services that include the following:

Security Testing

Your application vulnerabilities may result in exploited information, software failure, and breach of your business. We enable you to identify and eradicate any potential security risks and susceptibilities before they turn into critical issues. We provide you with a realistic insight into how prospective attackers might use any security loopholes in your application and show you how to prevent those attacks.

Performance Testing

We help you avoid sluggish performance of your application under load so that failed applications don’t damage your business reputation. We implement various pragmatic and flexible approaches under our performance testing services to mitigate the possible risks of slow performance, application failure under load, and errors arising due to user data volumes.

Web Accessibility Testing

Web accessibility is the degree by which people with disabilities can access and use your web content. It consists of principles and techniques practised by web designers and developers as they design and build websites.

Adactin will show you how your site measures up against international standards like the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 or WCAG 2.1 ). But we don’t stop there – we also report on best practices we’ve collected over years of working with users and assistive technology.