Functional Testing is more important than you think!

Functional Testing is an essential element when it comes to strengthening software system quality. It not only maintains smooth functionality throughout the process, but it also ensures the stability of the end result.

We can help you build robust quality assurance strategies and processes. They will ensure that your IT applications are reliable, have enhanced security and at the same time deliver superior customer experience to your business.

Our quality assurance strategy services include:

  • Advisory services in terms of architecture, design and implementation of quality assurance
  • Managed test services to ensure high quality, low cost and faster quality assurance
  • Implementation of best practices in testing across Agile, DevOps and automation

Adactin Functional Testing Services

Functional & Integration Testing

Though our Functional and Integration Testing services, we examine data manipulation, user commands, integration, business processes, searches and user screens for the application under test. We also ensure that the individual modules, software set-up, batch operations, basic reporting functionalities, and key interfaces of the application work well in terms of operability and accessibility.

Test Strategy Consulting

Sound planning must be performed before executing any test in order to maximise the effectiveness of the test and to lessen testing costs. Our test strategies easily identify the functional as well as non-functional elements of the software and provide details as to how they will be authenticated and confirmed.

Mobile Testing

Our mobile testing ensures consumers across different devices, and with different screen sizes, resolutions, operating systems, and carriers get tested applications compatible with all devices. The applications are end-to-end tested for functionality, usability, performance, and security for all mobile platforms, including Apple, Android, and Windows.

Non-Erroneous Software Applications

Adactin is a top functional testing company, providing a unique combination of resilient approach and personalised test plans. We have industry specialised and experienced Quality Analysts to deliver the best testing solutions in every aspect of your software - the installation process, the security features, and the overall application operating in a variety of environments.

As a trustworthy functional testing company, we strive to embrace the essential aspects of software usability and accessibility through various testing phases during software development.


Whatever Application - Get it Functional Tested

Our professional testers are committed to performing various tests required to detect and eradicate any bugs, broken links, spelling mistakes, or any other type of errors, that may otherwise negatively impact your clients use experience.


Our Commitment: Seamless and Effective Testing

  • Flexible and transparent approaches
  • Latest tools and frameworks
  • On-time project delivery integrated with quality assurance