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QA Testing

Adactin are experts in the testing world. Our expertise and quality assurance (QA) testing services and solutions capable of making your applications bug-free.

The backbone of our software testing solution is the expert group of professional and knowledgeable testers with more than a decade of experience, qualified skills, and an excellent track record providing software testing and quality assurance services.

Our software quality assurance capabilities are not confined to a single industry. We have comprehensive exposure to various industries including, inter alia, information technology, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-learning, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and travel.

Test planning, test case creation and execution, test reporting, and QA process improvements are all part of the Adactin Managed IT services. Adactin offers managed testing services to guarantee the high quality of your software within an ideal testing timeframe and spending limit.

Our solutions include:

  • Functional Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • QA Testing and Process

Adactin For a Reason

Unlike many other software testing companies Adactin follows through to ensure quality testing is central to all aspects and development stages of your application. We do this by using a suite of tools which cuts down the overall testing cost, a benefit which is passed directly to you. But there are good reasons to choose us beyond costs savings, such as:

  • Our highly responsive testing services technology and teams
  • Our end-to-end test planning approach and disciplines
  • A hassle-free testing process management, governance, and reporting
  • Our advanced security and usability testing
Trust Adactin to make your applications bug-free.

Quality Assurance Solutions

Functional Testing

Functional testing is the highlight par excellence of our SQA services. This testing incorporates fundamental as well as advanced functionality tests, which address usability, accessibility, and stability. We cover the following services under our functional testing:

  • Functional and Integration Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Mobile Testing

Non-Functional Testing

Adactin has executed a variety of projects across different technologies with its non-functional SQA services. We test numerous quality attributes of your application which are normally difficult to quantify by functional testing procedures. We include the following services under our non-functional testing:

  • Test Strategy Consulting
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

Test Automation

We are deeply focused on offering the very best automation services which can deliver real ROI. We have a wide experience of designing automation frameworks using tools like Selenium, TOSCA, UFT, Microsoft CodedUI and Ranorex and Sahi Pro. We deliver the following services as part of our test automation approach:

  • Develop Automation Strategy enterprise and program level
  • Framework Design
  • Automated Regression Suite
  • Evaluation and recommendations for suitable test automation tools
  • Development of test automation frameworks and automated test scripts
  • Assessing suitable candidate applications for test automation
  • Estimating ROI for test automation
  • Training and mentoring in test automation process, practice and tools

Security Testing

Your application vulnerabilities may result in exploited information, software failure, and breach of your business. We enable you to identify and eradicate any potential security risks and susceptibilities before they turn into critical issues.

We provide you with a realistic insight into how prospective attackers might use any security loopholes in your application and show you how to prevent those attacks.


Web Accessibility Testing

Web accessibility is the degree by which people with disabilities can access and use your web content. It consists of principles and techniques practised by web designers and developers as they design and build websites.

Adactin will show you how your site measures up against international standards like the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 or WCAG 2.1 ). But we don’t stop there – we also report on best practices we’ve collected over years of working with users and assistive technology.

Performance Testing

We help you avoid sluggish performance of your application under load so that failed applications don’t damage your business reputation. We implement various pragmatic and flexible approaches under our performance testing services to mitigate the possible risks of slow performance, application failure under load, and errors arising due to user data volumes.


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