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Quality & Process Assessment

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    Software Test Strategy Consulting

    Effective planning is a critical step that must precede testing to maximise its effectiveness and reduce testing costs.  As a highly regarded organisation, we place a strong emphasis on maximising the ROI for our valued clients, helping them build trust in us. Our test strategies are designed to identify both the functional and non-functional requirements of software, as well as provide the details on how they will be authenticated and confirmed. 

    Test Strategy Areas include

    • Devising test strategies and executing testing procedures
    • Assessing and selecting automated testing tools
    • Providing suggestions on best practices for automated testing
    • Establishing specialised  independent testing teams
    • Reviewing software risks
    • Ensuring conformity with requirements specification
    • Developing test metrices
    • Organising high level test plans and project strategies

    How Can We Facilitate our Customers?

    At Adactin, with years of expertise, we aim to enhance the processes of organisations from inception to solution delivery and help our clients achieve a high level of QA and Process Maturity.

    We leverage industry-standard frameworks such as ITIL/TPI/TMMI/ISO/CMMI along with our extensive knowledge of QA and software testing. Through the application of best industry practices and advanced methods, Adactin harmonises client in-house procedures to identify the best possible solutions for specific business set ups and environments.  

    Expert Test Advisory Services

    At Adactin, our team of test advisory specialists takes a comprehensive approach, examining tools, procedures and people to achieve the highest standards of procedures through thorough evaluation and review, aiming for an “ASIS” grade. Our evaluation techniques are customised to meet the specific requirements of individual processes, lines or business projects. 

    We conduct surveys and provide comprehensive reports to stakeholders and guarantors.  Our reviews identify both weaknesses and strength offering opportunities for improvement.

    Our advisers collaborate with our clients’ stakeholders to define and implement best practices such as “Defect Prevention” in the initial phases of the software testing life cycle, thereby ensuring “Quantitative Management” of the project through a metrics measurement framework. We are dedicated to eliminating process deficiencies through a technique known as “Root Cause Analysis”.

    Adactin holds a strong belief in continuous development, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry and committed to providing the highest level of service and value to our clients.