Natural Language Processing is essential for modern businesses

Natural language processing is an essential expertise for modern businesses to gain a competitive edge. Right from the chatbots, compliance monitoring, business intelligence and analytics of unstructured and semi-structured content to question answering systems to sentiment analysis, Natural language processing is mandatory for such new business functions and processes. Adactin provides natural language processing services that use machine learning to find insights and relationships in text. We have developed a variety of natural language processing tools and techniques that help your business processes to analyse and understand high volume of unstructured data to operate efficiently and proactively.

Encompassing every aspect of your business

With our natural language processing services and solutions, we encompass data acquisition, voice to text, text to voice, entity extraction, information extraction, analytics, robotic concierge, text mining, and question answering systems. We generate audio books and lectures, automate log creation, empower business associates with relevant information to boost conversions and enhance customer service, transform digital content monetisation, enable faster product searching, search structured as well as unstructured data to get the most relevant information, make location-based searches easier and faster, and generate actionable insights to make your business more convenient and impactful.

Smart processes that outstrip expectations

Modern businesses as well as native customers in this advanced era of technological drift, expect technology to be highly spontaneous, interactive, contextual, and simple. Businesses that still use legacy applications are ruining their customer experiences and leaving a negative impact on their buyers. To stay a step ahead of such disruption, businesses need to modernize their IT architecture, incorporating smart processes that keep pace with natural language processing, and add conversational intelligence to their applications to exceed the customers’ expectations. We enable you to create smart business processes, generate custom APIs that leverage the ability to analyse text to understand concepts, entities, keywords, metadata, and sentiment.