Enabling Artificial Intelligence for business complexities

Adactin’s artificial intelligence services and solutions are focused on implementing technologies, approaches, and procedures to enable businesses to work on complex tasks and to deliver them enhanced value. We have deployed systems that replicate human decision making in a variety of industries. We leverage businesses to turn their big data into big insights and possibilities through our artificial intelligence services and solutions.

Delivering end-to-end projects through AI

With the right combination of systems, software, and open source frameworks, we apply a distinctive range of advanced analytics to your business process through our artificial intelligence focused strategies. We start by gaining an understanding of a business’s preparedness for AI,  using readiness assessments and then implementing a Proofs-of-Concept. In addition, we do workload management and core optimization to open source learning frameworks and offer you the right software to deploy and optimise your business algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence Product Development

Artificial Intelligence Model Development

Artificial Intelligence Maintenance


Natural Language Processing

Digital Virtual





Fast and flexible configurations

As a leading artificial intelligence services provider we realise that to process large volumes of data at the speed required by AL processes, businesses need huge processing power, GP acceleration, and high throughput. We offer you a wide range of flexible software and hardware configurations to select to run your artificial intelligence processes in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Revenue generation with prompt pricing strategies
  • Competitive advantage with new business solutions
  • More efficient data and better-informed decisions
  • Cost optimisation with improved employee productivity
  • A step-by-step approach to carefully manage your investment
  • Service excellence with extended equipment lifetime
  • AI solutions without an in-house data science team
  • Workforce satisfaction with higher talent retention