We develop innovative IT solutions for our customers using the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Machine Learning and Internet of Things.

Artificial Intelligence

Adactin’s artificial intelligence services and solutions are focused on implementing technologies, approaches, and procedures to enable businesses to work on complex tasks and to deliver them enhanced value.

Machine Learning

Adactin’s machine learning services enable software applications to resolve your business problems that are unstructured in nature. We step ahead with technological drift unprecedented increase in the possibilities

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is an essential expertise for modern businesses to gain a competitive edge. Right from the chatbots, compliance monitoring, business intelligence

Decision Management

Operational data within analytical models, when governed by business rules, can benefit IT and businesses to automatically define the best operational decisions.



By partnering with Adactin, you can drive enterprise-wide Blockchain initiatives with ease. We can help you accelerate the time to market for such projects through rapid prototyping, an agile development approach, and by leveraging our strategic partnerships with leading enterprises and academic institutions.