Access your customers anywhere, anytime

The ability to interact with customers, resources, employees, products, and other businesses in real time, and from different locations is considered as a basic requisite by modern business users. They essentially get all tasks done in micro-moments and expect to pay virtually. The mobile-centric digital transformation has emerged as a defining enterprise mobility catalyst. However, to get the real value of mobile organisations to need to have a strategy like mobile-first-mobile-must that can encourage professional efficiency, businesses enablement, and collaboration.

Adactin’s mobile-must services

Adactin's mobility services enable industry-wide mobile-must transformation that intensifies customer experiences across all the channels and touch points. We help our clients to trigger renovation of digital transformation essentials like IoT, big data analytics, expanded intelligence using enterprise mobility as the main force. We help organizations to:

  • Intensify employee productivity using mobile analytics and coherent smart enterprise applications
  • Build next generation m-commerce potentials and explore new opportunities
  • Design instinctive digital experiences to enhance customer engagement
  • Upgrade data leading precision to business intelligence in real time
  • Improve mobility by taking it to the next level and creating value by delivering digital capital

Our mobility suite

Adactin's mobility services incorporated with businesses processes to deliver appealing, customer friendly mobile solutions. Customers can stay connected on any device as our designs are device and technology independent. Our mobility services help businesses to maintain a mobile enterprise presence that boosts up the company's growth in a tremendous way.

Application Development

High performing instinctive applications and modernised forgoing applications

  • Personalisation, information/content oriented applications
  • Community, engagement, marketing, and loyalty applications
  • Transactions/commerce applications
  • Integrated smart enterprise applications
  • Business vertical focused applications
  • Productivity and workflow applications

Roadmap and Policy

Describe mobility roadmap and hence building plan of action to mobilize the workforce

  • Mobility master plan assessment
  • Advisory for enterprises
  • Architecture assessment and definition
  • Mobile technology evaluation, strategy, and consulting


Retrieve multiple solutions from a single platform to innovate operational efficiency

  • Payment gateways (online/offline)
  • IoT and connected devices
  • CMS/ Rich Media Services
  • Legacy systems/ CRM
  • Social media

Productivity Management

Improve workplace efficiency through process improvement and productivity.

  • Mobile Analytics- Interpretation, businesses value
  • Off-line enablement
  • Security