Driving digitally enhanced human interactions

In our present age customers expect us to respond instantly, or they may look for another supplier. To satisfy customer demands businesses need to consider their relationship with customers from a new perspective. Adactin’s customer relationship management services use the latest techniques such as data mining, text mining, and predictive modeling to ensure the customer remains central to your business. We do this in such a way as to ensure productivity is not compromised and costs are minimal.


CRM that empowers businesses

We help businesses understand their customer needs by delivering enhanced and improved conversations. With an eye on the customer, we help you get the most out of your CRM implementation and assist businesses with the following empowerments.

  • Grab maximum opportunities and achieve more deals
  • Attain customer excellence by providing them smarter services
  • Keep the customer interactions live at every point
  • Improve the engagement among the customer, partner, and the employee
  • Providing a seamless experience across all channels
  • Introducing more customized applications for distinctive business needs


CRM Implementation Services

  • Product configuration
  • Efficient use of technology with best possible practices
  • Customisation
  • Professionally installed, configured and finely-tuned solutions
  • Data management
  • Integration
  • Mobile enablement

CRM Migration

With our CRM migration services you get the data migration right the first time, with no system downtime, undesired data fixes, or any other headaches! Your CRM data is ready to use as soon as your system goes live. We continuously seek to ensure a quick, complete, and efficient solution to businesses and strive to sustain your competitive advantage by leveraging continuous support services. Adactin CRM migration offers you the following benefits.

  • Save time as you get the work done efficiently
  • Save money as it avoids the reason to pay a consultant to learn on the job
  • Avoid disruptive CRM deployment delays
  • Maximise CRM value by making the most benefits from your CRM system



Definite benefits with CRM services

Integrated assistance across channels

Improved pricing

Customised products and services

Enhanced sale force efficiency

Improved customer service efficiency

Individualised marketing messages or campaigns

Connecting customers and all channels in a single platform

Ongoing support

Shared services

Center of excellence