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Adactin provides you with Cloud implementation services, aligned with Cloud development and relocation applications delivered across various platforms. Apart from design and development, we offer an entire range of application testing and deployment services, and for applications that have been moved to the Cloud, we provide on-going support services.


Cloud Implementation Services

Our comprehensive experience handling complex system integration projects means we can assure you of a smooth migration of your applications to the Cloud. We have experience developing and running a successful Cloud infrastructure and services we offer for Cloud implementation include the following:

  • Building of cloud DC or private cloud
  • Cloud integration services
  • SaaS solutions for specific sectors such as telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare
  • Deployment and allied infrastructure services
  • Testing and security services

Cloud Migration Services

Adactin delivers an advanced range of Cloud migration services that smoothly migrate the applications, infrastructure, and business processes of your business, ultimately freeing up your infrastructure for other mission-critical tasks. We enable you to identify the risk and opportunity areas for improved performance and availability of crucial business functions that support business growth. Following is the list of our services cloud migration

Infrastructure migration

Data migration

Platform migration

Application migration

You receive the following benefits:

  • Seamless migration
  • Reduced downtime
  • Diverse requirements support
  • Accelerate time to value and ROI realisation
  • Noticeable reduction in migration cycle
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Toolset based migration
  • Proven framework and execution approach

Cloud Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services that help businesses capitalise on their investment in cloud computing. Our cloud consultancy services allow you to realise the business potential of our integrated and completely secure cloud system within a short timeframe. Our team of skilled professionals enable you to choose between private, hybrid, and community clouds by understanding your requirements. With our cloud services, you get comprehensive infrastructure and software services that eliminate the complexity of cloud multi-sourcing. The key benefits that you receive with our cloud consultancy services include the following.

  • Accelerated public, private, and hybrid cloud strategy
  • Complete skill set across all channels of security, connectivity, virtualisation, and application
  • Perimeter and beyond enterprises integration methodologies.