Extensible Micro-services to modifying business modules

In almost every industry, businesses encounter IT outmodedness because of a large backlog of legacy systems. If your business is affected by legacy applications and outdated systems and you are missing out pragmatic opportunities due to these obsolete applications, Adactin is just one click away to enable you to speed up your IT modernisation with our advanced
micro-services solutions.

 The Adactin Approach

We understand that a micro-services based architecture naturally imposes a commutable formation that transmits itself to an uninterrupted delivery software development process. A small change to any part of the application requires only rebuilding and deploying either only one or a small number of services. We closely follow the principles like finely grained alliances for unaccompanied adjustable services, business-driven development, advanced cloud application structures, polyglot programming and resolution, light-weight container deployment, decentralised continuous delivery, and DevOps with a complete service monitoring. Below are some frequently occurring issues that we encounter while deploying modern IT systems.

  • Restrictive cost of modernising large legacy applications
  • Slow time to market digital strategies due to complicated back-end integration efforts
  • Low developer productivity due to the usage of conventional
    re-engineering approaches
  • Vendor lock-in for MbaaS solutions

The key offerings

Our micro-services provide supplementary efficiency using a common tool set that can be utilised for both development and operations. This common tool set creates not only common terminologies, but also processes for requirements, dependencies and problems.

Dedicated COE

Dedicated Center of Excellence for micro-services with Containerisation and
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Progressive Approach

Low risk, incremental settlement modernisation approach as compared to large scale rip and replace approaches.

Digital Services

Connecting all user touch points to your enterprise systems with re-usable and
built-in digital services

Extensible Framework

Building customer micro-services based business processes

Secure Benefits

Adactin leverages businesses with a micro-services based architecture that brings a change, well received by those who are creating modern applications. Those who have experienced this change have found that productivity is increasing at a rapid rate and faster solutions can be provided to those requesting for more flexible and scalable applications.

  • Faster time to market
  • Reduction in development efforts
  • Reduction in overall operational costs