Leveraging Insights to Increase Decisive Capabilities

Adactin is a predictive analytics services company that assists businesses better understand their customers, extend customer engagement and relationships, and predict and impact customer behaviour to ultimately drive more revenue and securely improved market share. We enable businesses and marketers with predictive analysis and forward-looking insights for a more intelligent decision-making capability. We leverage you with predictive real-time data-driven responses to enable you to more fully engage your customers.


Avoid Risks, Spot Opportunities

As a predictive analytics service provider, we help businesses understand and know how to find patterns in data to avoid risks and spot opportunities. We realise that knowing or predicting the exact offers that would transform an ideal customer experience for your business is challenging. We have seen many businesses performing statistical analysis to identify new business opportunities, but take critical risks which might be avoided if they utilised advanced predictive statistical analytics. With our predictive analytics services, we let you identify upcoming risks and inconsistencies, along with their probable causes and impacts on your business and methodologies.

Increase your revenue and market share

Various business already investing in customer analytics may find it difficult to constantly evaluate and adjust complex analytics models in accordance with customer trends. Diverse customer data from a wide variety of digital and interpersonal interactive sources that include social networking platforms, inbound and outbound campaigns, call centre contacts, web application databases, and point of sale is the source of complex analytics models. It makes it challenging for businesses to determine optimal strategies to serve customers while executing these models.  Adactin helps you with a powerful platform that can scale with your rapidly growing data, bring you faster response times and uncover value by:

A better understanding of your customers

Increase customer engagements

Understanding predictable customer behaviour

Increased revenue and market share