Data Analytics

Unlock the true power of your big data to achieve all your business outcomes. Adactin optimises technology into business results by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions.

Expertise in delivering data services across wide range of domains, technologies and tools to tune-up your data and create value.

Enterprise Data Management

Improve operational efficiencies and reduce reporting mistakes

Business Intelligence

Enable data decision making for better outcomes.

Data Visualisation

Use advanced data visualisation for better insights as compared to traditional enterprise reporting

Data Science

Harness big data and apply decision science to resolve your business issues and drive better business decisions

We can help you at any stage

Capture Data

  1. Structured
  2. Semi – structured
  3. Unstructured
  • Non-intrusive data capturing using ETL Tools
  • Analyse data & define load specifications
  • ETL & Data Integration

Model Data

  • Sematic, logical and physical data model
  • Reference data & meta data management
  • Data discovery, profiling and modeling

Build Warehouse

  • Design & implementation of EDW, data-marts
  • Exchange to Exchange solution design & data architecture
  • Exception management framework

Information Architecture

  • Information security & governance
  • Security model and access control
  • Audit and controls

Reporting/ Data Analytics

Help companies answer questions

  • What happened? Why?
  • What can happen? When?
  • What should happen? When? Where? How?

Example of items we can assist with in data analytics services
and methods which can be used to benefit your business