Program Structure
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Course Overview:

The course covers fundamental aspects of security in a modern networked environment with a focus on system design aspects in the specific context of network/internetwork security. It provides information that the participants can apply directly when they go back to work. This course is focused on Security Enthusiasts, IT professionals, Administrators (Network & System) and CISO / CTO seeking to understand typical Infrastructure (Network & Systems) issues in detail

Intended Audience:

This course is structured according to the corporate and industrial needs, hence, anyone with the following profession can attend this course:

  • Security Analyst / Consultant
  • Network Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Security Auditor
  • CISO / CTO


  • Basic knowledge of operating computers is required.
  • Basic Understanding of client-server models is required.

Course Content

  • Session 1- Introduction:

    • Introduction and Case Studies
    • Understanding the language of internet
    • TCP/IP knowledge for security professional

     Session 2- Network mapping:

    • Protocol Analysis – Wireshark
    • Portscan Fundamentals
    • “Nmap”ing the Network
    • Enumerating Network Services
    • Security Controls – Discovery and Evasion Techniques
    • Interpreting False Positive

    Session 3- Types & Sources of Network Attacks:

    • Denial of Services
    • Smurf Attacks
    • Packet Replay
    • Fragmentation attack
    • Unauthorized Access
    • Remote Code Execution
    • Attacks on Protocols
    • MITM Attacks
    • Internal v/s External Threats

    Session 4- Identifying Insecurities in network:

    • Vulnerability Discovery
    • Automated Scanners - Nessus
    • Common Security Issues
      • FTP Servers
      • SNMP Issues
      • SMTP Servers
      • VPN Security
      • Web Servers (IIS, Apache)
    • Exploiting the Enterprise
    • Metasploit Framework

    Session 5- Wireless Security:

    • Insecurities in Wireless
    • WiFi Security Myths – Hidden SSID, MAC filtering
    • Concept on EvilTwin
    • Security Issues in WEP
    • Understanding issues with RC4 Algorithm Implementation
    • WPA/WPA2 Security
    • Problems WPS

    Session 6- Network Security Auditing:

    • Security in design
    • Architecture Review
    • Concept of DMZ and VLAN
    • Device Auditing
    • Configuration Review
    • Firewall Auditing
    • Rule-Based Auditing
    • Network Security Audit in ISMS Point of View
    • Threat Detective & Preventive Controls
    • Intrusion Analysis
    • Log Management
    • Administrative Control

Q: When are the courses held?
A: The courses are scheduled monthly throughout the year.

Q: What do I take away from the course?
A: As well as the skills to use the product, you also receive a comprehensive workbook and a certificate of attendance.

Q: Do I get a course manual to keep?
A: Yes, you receive a comprehensive workbook.

Q: Where are the classroom training courses held?
A: The courses are all held in Parramatta, Sydney.

Q: Is the training practical or theory based?
A: Both. All of our course combine practical demonstrations and theory. You will have a sole use of a laptop throughout the course and can practice what you have learnt at the end of each chapter.

Q: Do I need to bring a laptop?
A: Yes, it is required to help you start from scratch on your own machine.

Q: Is there an exam?
A: You do not sit an exam at the end of the course.

Q: What qualification will I get?
A: You will receive a certificate of attendance.

Q: Do I need any previous practical experience?
A: This depends on the course you choose to take. All of our Introductory and Complete courses require no prior knowledge. If you are considering attending an Advanced course, but have not sat the basic course, then you will be expected to have relevant practical experience in the tool.

Q: Do you offer on-site training?
A: Yes, all of our courses can be delivered as on-site courses. We provide all laptops, projector, workbooks and certificates. We can also deliver on-line training just for your company with a schedule to suit you.

Q: Do you offer post course support?
A: Yes, in two ways; firstly, all our trainers can help with initial queries you may have when using the tools post-course via email. Secondly we also provide short-term on-site internship.