IT Services Canberra

IT Services Canberra

NSW Government Panels

 Adactin actively participates in NSW Government Panels under different schemes reflecting a strong presence in NSW Government – NSW Transport, TAFE, Education, Health, Revenue, Finance, iCare and many more.  Our widespread participation with different departments covers the following:

  • Scheme SCM 0020 – Managed Services
  • Scheme SCM 0007 – Contingent Workforce
  • Scheme 12 – Labour hire
  • iCare Testing, BA and App Dev Panels
ACT Government

ACT Government’s Contractor Central Panel:

Under this standing offer, we provide services across various ICT categories, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of ACT Government agencies:

  1. Network and Equipment
  2. Management, Implementation, and Support
  3. Applications, Databases, and Systems.
Federal Government Engagement

 Adactin serves Commonwealth clients through two dedicated panels – the ICTPA (Information and Communications Technology Procurement Panel) and the DTA Marketplace while ACT Government clients can engage Adactin through the Contractor Central Panel.

ICTPA (Information Communication Technology Provider Arrangement):

Initiated by the Department of Defence, the ICTPA stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. The standing offer encompasses three broad categories:

  • Application Services
  • Systems Integration
  • ICT Services
DTA Marketplace (Digital Transformation Agency Marketplace):

We are honoured to be recognized and assessed for various categories within the Commonwealth DTA Marketplace, including but not limited to:

  • Content and Publishing
  • Data Science
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Marketing, Communications, and Engagement
  • Software Engineering and Development
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Support and Operations
  • Agile Delivery and Governance
  • Cybersecurity
  • User Research and Design

Defence DISP Partner

Defence Industry Security Program

Adactin is a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) Member, enabling us to provide secure resources to the Federal Government Agencies as necessary or manage the process on behalf of our clients.

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