Smarter Healthcare: Accessible Services

No industry is untouched by the advancements of digitisation, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Modern healthcare companies are adapting business models that are backed-up with advanced technologies which aim to deliver enhanced customer engagement and customer experience. Through automation and integration, these business models offer improved operational efficiencies, while adhering to all regulatory requirements. Adactin leverages smarter operations for improved quality of care and enables healthcare organisations to increase their market strength by transforming their strategic goals to produce affordable and accessible healthcare services and products. We work in accordance with the fundamental changes in the healthcare industry and leverage patient-centric and outcome-based healthcare IT consulting services that include digital transformation, mobility, big data analytics, and cloud computing.

Value-Based Healthcare Solutions

As a leading healthcare technology provider Adactin has proven expertise in its wide-ranging healthcare IT consulting services and operational solutions. Our solutions aim to address the challenges of evolving regulations and to assist businesses address competing priorities, as well as meet complex regulations with strict timeframes in a cost-effective manner. Our value-based solutions help organisations engage with more patients and caregivers, deliver real-time information, and support care delivery. Solutions are segregated among healthcare payers and healthcare providers.

Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Our solutions include comprehensive reporting for clinical, operational, and financial KPIs by using a high-performance rules engine. We provide you with real-time monitoring and quick closure of any service gaps through our customisable dashboards. Further, you get complete ownership of these solutions with the capability to enhance existing functionalities..

Data integration and interoperability solutions

Data acquisition and integration
Clinical (FHIR, CCDA, HL7, QRDA, CCLF, and X12), operational, and financial data integration
Interoperability of EAI tools

Performance Management

Business intelligence, advanced analytics, and enterprise data warehousing solutions
Regulatory reporting and management frameworks for ICD-9 to ICD–10 compliance, HIPAA 4010 and 5010 compliance, patient protection and affordable care act
Claims management and settlement solutions
Value-based contract management
m-Health solutions and e-Health portals for patient engagement programs
Wellness and disease management solutions

Predictive analytics

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools and solutions
Data mining and statistical modeling
Data analytics and dashboard solutions for fraud, waste, and abuse management
EDI Modernization, Interoperability and Integration solutions through various standards like HL7, X12, and DICOM

Data Management

Data aggregation and standardization through big data and EDW
Streaming and real-time analytics
Cloud enablement
Data governance frameworks

Digital Engagement

IoT integration solutions
Doctor and employee engagement
Omni-channel patient engagement

Delivering HL7 Compliant Solutions

The Adactin healthcare IT solutions are compliant to HL7 or Health Level 7 standards that encompass the comprehensive life cycle of a solution specification including its design and development, adoption, market recognition, utilization, and adherence. Grouped into the following seven reference categories, HL7 standards support clinical practice as well as the management, delivery, and evaluation of health services and solutions.

  • Primary Standards
  • Foundational Standards
  • Clinical and Administrative Domains
  • EHR Profiles
  • Implementation Guides
  • Rules and References
  • Education and Awareness