Case Studies

Case Studies

Practice Management Software for a leading Surgery for a Health domain client

Paper-based payment claim applications are manual and time-consuming while processing Medicare claims. The main objective is to deliver a paperless and real-time reliable Medicare claim process for our client by accessing applications from mobile and desktop applications.

However, it is not limited to appointment booking, scheduling, patient management, treatment planning, and other management duties.

Health Client

A medicine formulary and hospital pharmacy products lists are a continually updated list of medicines and key prescribing information which is used within NSW public health facilities. It undergoes a systematic evidence-based evaluation process by DTCs and evolves in accordance with changes in the best evidence for appropriate, safe, effective and cost-effective treatment of patients.

Adactin consolidates all formulary medicines lists in a single place statewide, and to centrally manage ‘a single source of truth’ for medicines listings has been required by the NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) and Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

Banking client

The NPP,developed by NPP Australia Ltd, is an advanced payment infrastructure with a PayID similar to OSKO. We customised a widely used payment method for real-time payments, meeting     NPP/Osko requirements for retail and corporate channels in an Agile environment.

The implementation brought benefits such as cost reduction, real-time processing, API integration, and a fully hosted case management solution for an enhanced customer experience. 

Energy Client

A centralised register is vital for cataloguing the surging installations of rooftop solar and batteries (Distributed Energy Resources) in Australia. This centralised approach significantly reduces energy generation costs and contributes to the stability of the power grid by providing a unified system.

Centralising the register for small energy-generating systems offers benefits such as streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced coordination. The advantages of a consolidated and efficient approach for managing requirements, ensuring quality, and resolving issues faster.

The implementation brought benefits such as cost reduction, real-time processing, API integration, and a fully hosted case management solution for an enhanced customer experience.

Education Client

The client (State Government client) is transitioning from school-centric to student-centric data management, necessitating the migration of students’ well-being data (Behaviors and Suspensions) from individual schools to the central ERN application.

A new interface process facilitates the transfer of this data from a Third-Party Vendor (3PI) application to ERN in real time, ensuring secure and audited transactions.

A vendor Body of Knowledge (vBOK) has been created to provide comprehensive information to third-party vendors.

Adactin is also involved in developing performance scripts for a web-based application, resulting in improved transaction response times for student-related processes.

State Government Client ​

A major State government client has planned to transition their existing SAP database from DB2 to SAP Hana.

Adactin ensured that the performance of the system was stable and ensured all the non-functional requirements were met and the system was stable under peak transaction and user load using Microfocus Load Runner.

Insurance Client​

Client equipped with “anytime, anywhere” digital access and increased scalability for the customer- Insurance and care services.

Migrated existing system to Guidewire insurance suite for workers compensation claim center along with policy and billing for one of Australia’s largest general insurance providers delivering world-class insurance and care services to the business, people and communities of NSW through faster services and across preferred channels of engagement.

Health Client – Application Development & Integration

Integrating Medicare with a leading Practice Management Software

Services Australia developed Medicare online claiming and electronic claiming lodgment and information processing services in collaboration with the Health Care industry, the medical software industry, and public and private hospitals.

Adactin created and published software which will enable communication with Medicare APIs published by Services Australia. It will act as a wrapper which will enable the Client Software to interact with Medicare.

Testing Services for an Education Client ​

Conducted thorough testing of the National Assessment Program (NAPLAN), verifying online assessments for Literacy, Numeracy, and COL. Ensured compatibility across Low and High-bandwidth browsers, utilising devices like Chromebook, iPad, MacBook, Windows, and Android. Customised testing strategies, executed branch and functional testing, addressed implementation issues and validated correct branching, role permissions, and reporting functions.

Additionally, tested accessibility adjustments for students with special needs, performed domain-specific assessments, and utilised Jira for defect management and reporting.