SYDNEY: Parramatta based software company and leader in ICT services, Adactin Group, is pleased to announce the Australian Financial Review (AFR) ranked the company 5th in its FAST 100 List for 2018.

In the first week of November the Australia Financial Review, a national daily publication reporting on financial and commercial activities of the Australian economy recognised Adactin’s long term performance by ranking it 5th in the top 100 rapidly growing businesses. The ranking in the AFR’s Fast 100 recognises the performance of the company over a three year period.  Companies must have commenced trading before 1 July 2014, and provide four years of turnover data, with a minimum of $500,000 in the first reporting period (2014-15).

Adactin CEO Navneesh Garg said he was especially pleased with the recognition from the AFR. “The AFR represents a high standard in the Australian business community and we are delighted the publication has given us this recognition. The award speaks to the calibre of the people in the company we are building and the strength of the services delivered to its customers.”

The Fast 100 is intended to be a snapshot of where growth in the Australian economy has come from, and to where it is going.  Navneesh added that the ICT sector in Australia is “strong and globally competitive. That we are on this list does indeed reflect where the economy is headed, as the country embraces the 4th industrial revolution and all the opportunity this transformation represents. Adactin continues to position itself to be part of this revolution, positioning reflected in the 129.9% year on year growth we have achieved over the last three years.”