Adactin Australia CSR

#Adactinlegacy – A foundation intended for Adactin CSR activities.

The Adactin Sydney team took the initiative to help the Australian Life Blood (Red Cross) collect donations in this peak flood season. Members of the Adactin family came together and donated both Plasma and Blood to help support the well-being of all Australians. The event took place on 11th March 2022.

At Adactin, we understand the importance of giving back to the community, and we urge everyone to come together and roll up your sleeves to donate as @Australian Red Cross Lifeblood need your help.

Lifeblood Australia is going through a critical time as 1 in 2 donations are being cancelled, so let’s come together, make a difference and save lives. 

#inadactin #Adactinlegacy #Redcross

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